Позиція FAI щодо конфлікту, що відбувається в Україні

FAI position on the conflict taking place in the Ukraine
The military conflict taking place in Ukraine is of grave international concern. We are all
deeply saddened by the inevitable human cost of war and the humanitarian crises that
will be created because of this conflict.
The FAI’s fundamental aim is to maintain the integrity and support the development of
air sports across all nations in line with a set of values that nurture inclusion and
transcend national differences.
To maintain that aim under the circumstances created by the military conflict in the
Ukraine, the FAI Executive Board has unanimously decided to implement the following
extraordinary measures:
To suspend the members of Russia and Belarus with immediate effect and therefore
removing all rights as listed in FAI Statutes
In making this decision, the FAI Executive Board has taken note of the considered
actions being taken by the International Olympic Committee and other international
sporting organisations.
In addition to the above measures, the FAI Executive Board will:
1. Engage with FAI Members, FAI Air Sport Commissions and other stakeholders to
ensure that the situation is carefully, and regularly monitored and further
decisions taken as to current and future measures.
2. Ensure that the organisers of all FAI sanctioned events due to take place in
Europe between now and April 2023 are consulted with to consider the direct
and indirect impact of the conflict in the Ukraine, any mitigation measures that
might need to be considered, and what forms of assistance the FAI might be
able to provide to maintain the integrity of such events.
This is a very difficult situation. Our thoughts are with those that are being most directly
impacted, and we all hope for a swift resolution.
FAI Executive Board
(28 February 2022)